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We are members of PAWLI (Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators) and PINow.

Clifton Investigative Services, LLC

Clifton Investigative Services, LLC is a fully licensed and insured agency. We proudly serve the entire state of Wisconsin and Minnesota. We provide reliable and professional services to Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Businesses large and small, and to private parties.

We are among the leaders in performing Workers Compensation, Insurance Fraud and Corporate investigations. We assist in gathering facts relevant to the claim or investigation. We have male and female staff to fit every need for investigations and services provided by Clifton Investigative Services.

Whether a person has fled to avoid financial responsibility or trying to hide from the law. Clifton Investigative Services uses the most up to date databases and resources to locate individuals.

We also provide Process service, Courier Service, Court Filings, Field Services and Sheriff Foreclosure Sales in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our Process Services include, but are not limited to Subpoenas, Citations, Notices, Liens, Summons, Demand Letters and Unlawful Detainers for legal and financial professionals. We will also attend Sheriff Foreclosure Sales on your behalf.

We maintain a good working relationship with all clients while keeping a strict legal and ethic code. We keep all cases confidential and see each case through to it's conclusion. Please contact us for further information, or to set up your free consultation today.